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Our Orthodontic department is always “on the move” with the application of up-to-date technical skills and experience in complex procedure. We will always give you top-notch results guaranteed.

With products such as Allflex and Flexguard appliance and Pro-Form mouthguards, we are more than able to serve both your needs and your patients.


This department provides many great services and products such as Quickalign, Tri-Laminate mouthguards and snoring appliances. Most types of Orthodontic appliances can be made upon request. Make the move to PRO-DENT and give our manager, Angela McLeod, a call to find out more! Also for the bite plane related inquiries please  contact Adam Kelly!



        ✔Hawley retainer

        ✔Van Beek appliance

        ✔Hyrax (RPE) appliance


        ✔Invisacryl (invisible) retainer


        ✔Allflex or hard biteplane

        ✔Proform mouthguard

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