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The "art" of dental technology is more evident than ever in our Ceramics department. As in all aspects of our profession, the sensitive nature of dental ceramics is reliant upon technical abilities and the expert use of equipment and proven materials. With this must also come a unique feel for the aesthetics and artistry of shading and tone.


At PRO-DENT, our professional facility is fully equipped with colour corrective lighting to allow our technicians to meet the highest standards of aesthetics, function, and all your basic and custom shading requirements.


Our Fixed Prosthetics Manager, Mr. Ian Handley, has over 30 years experience in our Crown & Bridge department as well as 4 years managing the Specialties department. He would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning ceramic restorations.


     All Ceramic Restorations

        ✔IPS e.max®



     Ceramic Materials Used

       VM 7

        VM 9

        VM 13


        Jensen Pulse


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