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The goals of PRO-DENT’s Denture department are to ensure the highest standard in denture fabrication. We use only the best material for our denture bases and premium top-quality teeth to fabricate an attractive appearance for the dentures, giving you the satisfaction of the happy patient. PRO-DENT’s injection-processing technique helps reduce or even eliminate occlusal adjustments to provide superior fitting removables.

Some services we provide are Immediate Dentures, Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, and Implant Dentures. Contact Sherry White with any questions or for a free consultation 


        Fixed Implant Denture Bar

        Removable Implant Over Denture

        Lucitone Denture Base

        Duraflex Partial Denture



        Molloplast B Soft Liner

        Gingivamoll Soft Flange

        Diagnostic Radiopaque Stint

        Vitapan/Ivoclar/Dentsply Teeth

     Denture Base

         Lucitone 199


         Molloplast B






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