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Dentist or Assistant will take intra oral scan


Review scan and ensure there is no missing data and send off to lab!


Patient is sent to have a CBCT done which is then sent off to the lab to merge with STL file (oral scan)

Surgical Guide

Surgical Guide is planned in same program as implants. We then send this to our 3D Printer to manufacture. If to be temporized, we can plan and mill temporary crown for time of surgery.

Plan Implants

We then will set up case for the doctor to review. We can make any modifications here and get placement approved by surgeon. We design crown at same time for optimal restoration 

Smart Fusion

Using one of 4 implant planning systems, we will merge CBCT and scan together to begin treatment planning!

1st Delivery

Surgical Guide and temporary crown are delivered for surgery. Implant is placed and ossiointegration begins.  

Scan Body 

Doctor will secure in scan body to implant after integration is completed. This scan is then sent off to lab for design and manufacturing of final restoration


PRO-DENT uses CAD/CAM software to design restoration and send to mill for manufacturing


Final restoration is delivered to office!


After file has been designed it is sent to one of 4 mills. If layered, we will print model and fit to milled restoration to it for characterization.

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